HAPPINESS SOURCES……put yourself first!

Friends, most of us are so busy with our worldly duties—earning, looking after our children & elders, balancing work and home; thousand other chores of life that we end up ignoring our own self.

We put our own needs, wellbeing and happiness on the back burner.

By the time we realize it, the roles are cast, we have already been taken for granted. And, then it becomes almost impossible to get back the life we want.

However, it’s never too late to start afresh!

I followed these 3 tips to get my life back: –

A) I Started following my own routine: –

Most of the time, I would ask my spouse and my children, “What is your schedule for the day?” Then I would work my day around their programs; many times I had to skip my own exercise routine, my outings, my own work that I had to complete late at night, disrupting my sleep pattern.

Mind you, I did it for years without even realizing, how all this was affecting my health and my feeling of wellbeing.

Once our children flew the nest, I felt so empty. That is the time when I started paying attention to my own self.

Now for the past one year or so, I have been following my routine, exercise and meditation in the morning, 7:30-8:30 am, blog writing, reading, and online brain exercising games, 2:30 to 4:30 pm, walk for an hour in the evening, followed by dinner at 7:30 pm.

Now, everyone knows my routine, no one disturbs me during these timings, I feel fulfilled, healthy and happy.


B) Now I express myself: –

I have started spelling out my likes and dislikes. Earlier, I would be okay with whatever my family/ friends/ everybody was doing, and never speak out my own preferences.

Whenever we used to be on vacation since my husband and sons are avid golfers, they would go and enjoy a round of golf, I would be left hanging around.

On our last vacation, I clearly told them that they too have to come with me for shopping and to visit some historical sites that I am keen on seeing.

Friends, instead of sulking or feeling bad about tagging around, isn’t it better to be clear about what you want?

It surely leads to HAPPINESS ALL AROUND!

C)         I take care of my OWN Self: –

I have started spending more time on myself, looking good, makes me feel good. I decide my outfits well in advance for an occasion/ outing/ vacation. I follow the new trends, keep upgrading my wardrobe and add accessories from time to time. Also, I regularly follow my beauty regimen.

Earlier I was slipping into the mode, who is noticing me? I dress up for myself, it gives me confidence, my body language changes, I feel like I have become an interesting person.




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