HAPPINESS SOURCES….. Appreciation&Compliments

I gave and gave and gave, a little bit of myself, every single day of my life;

I worked hard;

I did my best;

Then where did I go wrong???

I pegged my own happiness on trying to make others happy!

 Friends, after going through a lot of heartburn, after analyzing some commonly occurring incidents, finally I learned —

 THE Three Golden rules to HAPPINESS.


·     The day I dress up nicely, I feel good only if somebody notices it and gives me a compliment……. WHY?                                                                                 I shall feel happy because I know, I am looking good and am feeling wonderful.

·     I cooked a new recipe, it turned out well, I am looking forward to some appreciation from my family/guests; everybody enjoyed the dish but didn’t express it in words……WHY am I feeling low?

I have to train my own thinking, pat myself on my back for trying out something new, that too to perfection.

·     My presentation at work went off smoothly, I presented my ideas very efficiently and effectively, but none of my colleagues congratulated me for doing a wonderful job; I am upset.

Well instead of thinking, “Maybe my presentation was not really good”, or “Maybe people are jealous of me”. I will be confident, I shall not doubt my competency. I have done my work with sincerity and dedication, I shall be happy and I shall celebrate my success.

Friends, let’s learn to put own self first; Remember, only a happy person can make others happy.

As they say:



Learn to pay genuine compliments, with a little bit of effort, just by noticing people and showing interest in them, one can hone the art of giving sincere complements.

Try it out, when you meet someone, notice their attire, their way of speaking, maybe their smile, whatever grabs your attention, and compliment it.

You will notice a spring in their step, happiness on their face, change in the body language, all because of your sincere compliment!

However, do keep these points in mind—

*Never overdo it, keep it short, don’t go on and on.

*Be specific, instead of saying,” you are beautiful”, “You have a beautiful smile” sounds more genuine.

*Don’t pay back a compliment immediately. The other day I told my friend,” What a lovely dress you are wearing!” Straight away she complimented me back,” Yours is pretty too”, it seemed as though she was returning the favor.


A simple thank you with a big smile is enough to generate good vibes!

Dearies, when someone appreciates you on some account; just reply with a smile “Thank you, you made my day”, it is a great quality to accept a compliment gracefully.

Friends, paying genuine, sincere compliments, and accepting them graciously are the TWO FACTORS that contribute majorly towards HAPPINESS.


The best thing is that they are absolutely free.


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