GRANDPARENTING …. in today’s times!

Friends, have you heard about the “JAPA MAIDS”? I had not heard about this new breed of maids till about a couple of years ago. Nowadays, amongst the affluent and upper-middle-class families it’s the done...

SECRETS that ensure…..You are NOTICED!

Friends, after a certain age Men and Women become almost invisible! No, not like in the movie “Mr. India”, but generally in life. It’s as if people look through you, past you. One feels ignored...

Health insurance companies….thriving on our fears?

Friends, all of us dread illness, hospitalization, exorbitant medical bills, and dependency on our near and dear ones! Our fear and concerns are there because we don’t want to be a burden to our kith and kin...

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Now that the Corona cases are quite under control in India, friends let’s not forget the lessons this pandemic has taught us. We have paid a very heavy price, lost one and a half lakh people in India; in the USA...

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Simple Life = Minimalistic Life

WHY MINIMALISTIC? *How many times have you spent hours looking for something that you kept away safely to be used later on a special occasion? Only to find it when that moment is gone!! *How frustrated you felt when...

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